Dear Participants,

This is an official communication of the Organisers of FEBS Advanced Lecture Course: 4th Danube Conference on Epigenetics

The Organising Committee of the event has been continuously monitoring the epidemic situation caused by the corona virus. Although Hungary seems to be one of the least infected areas in the region, the recent news and potential of the second/third wave of the virus spread worldwide forced us to make the final decision concerning the conference. Having taken into consideration all facts, circumstances and eventual consequences, the organisers inform you that the FEBS Advanced Lecture Course: 4th Danube Conference on Epigenetics will not be physically held on 6-9 October 2020, Budapest, Hungary.

In order to prevent the event from being completely cancelled, we plan to transform the 2020 conference into a webinar series, entitled "Danube Epigenetics Webinar Series".  We are proud that so many outstanding and prestigious speakers have accepted our invitation for the meeting this year, and according to several e-mails we keep on receiving from attendees, we are convinced that our invited guests have raised high interest in the epigenetic community. Our plan is to organise the webinar every other week, starting at the date of the for-mentioned Danube Epigenetics Conference this October.  On each occasion we would ask one of our invited speakers to give a 45-minute talk online, followed by a discussion possibility between the lecturer and the attendees. As soon as possible we will launch the schedule for the webinar, and inform our delegates about further details of the event on this website.

We are looking forward to welcoming you on the FEBS Danube Epigenetics Webinar Series in October.

Best regards,

Tamás Arányi, MD, PhD
On behalf of the Organising Committee of 4th Danube Conference on Epigenetics

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